Indigenous Technology and Innovative Designs
Indigenous Technology and Innovative Designs

About Us

HYDAX HYDRAULICS was established in the year 1979,
by Mr.D.B Mukherjee, a technocrat with over 40 years of expertise behind him. The concept right from the onset,was to create products that would be indigenously designed,technologically superior and commercially viable.It must be pointed out that we were pioneers in the area of manufacturing hydraulic accessories in India.

Indigenous Technology and Innovative Designs.

Our Products

  • fluid_level_gaugesgrdimdet

    Fluid Level Gauge (SGR Series)

    Hydax introduces a newly designed Fluid Level Gauge of robust construction, bigger size and ‘O’ Ring sealing made from aluminium and glass-filled nylon. These level gauges are easy to install. Supplied in ready assembled condition it needs drilling of 2 holes to instal the gauges. Surface on which it is being installed should be level and of smooth finish. Sizes available are 76mm, 127mm, 178mm, 254mm and 356mm between bolt centres. These Level Gauges also have the options of heat dial / thermometer temperature indicator.

  • fluid-level-gaugesg-seriesfluid-level-gaugesg-seriesedet

    Fluid Level Gauge (SG Series)

    Hydax Fluid Level Gauge can be used on any reservoir containing mineral and petroleum-based hydraulic fluids to indicate oil level.

  • fdc2dimensiondet

    Flexible Drive Coupling

    The Hydax Flexible Drive Coupling consists of two gear hubs engaging in a sleeve of high grade plastic material. has superior strength and a wide operating temperature range. The gears have crowned-tooth form which permit axial and angular misalignment. The couplings have undergone extensive testing under severe load conditions.

  • givssenggdgm

    Gauge Isolator Valve(Single Station)

    The Gauge Isolator Valves protect the pressure gauge from damaging pressure surges, hydraulic shock and mechanical vibrations. The fluid is completely isolated from the gauge until the knob is pressed. By pressing the knob, the fluid is connected directly to the gauge port giving instant and accurate readings on the gauge. As the knob is released

  • giv_msenggdgm

    Gauge Isolator Valve(Multi Station)

    HYDAX introduces for the first time anywhere, single block 2, 3 or 4 stations gauge isolator valves. The valves are designed to prevent surge damage to a gauge in all types of hydraulic circuits. The spring returned facility is the same as in a single station valve. The high performance, low drain leakage characteristic is maintained in the multi-station valves. Only one gauge and one drain line for all the ports reduces plumbing and additional instrumentation cost.

  • F-iller-Breather-Assemblytechnical-data

    Filler Breather Assembly

    This is a combination unit for filtering air displacement from the reservoir and for straining oil while filling. Mounting options include Tank Top and Side Mounting. The displacement capacity is 250 LPM and 700 LPM and filtration is upto 40 microns. The air displacement from underneath the cap assembly improves performance. Power coated cap and nylon or nickel-chrome plated strainer body ensures corrosion resistance.

  • smbreather-1dimensiondet

    Filler Breather Assembly (Nylon)

    This assembly is a combination unit for filtering air displacement from the reservoir and straining oil while filling. It is for use with Hydraulic/Lubrication oil reservoir applications, including machine tools, mobile equipment, industrial machinery, construction, mining, marine and agricultural applications etc. Breather-filters are a must for hydraulic systems ensuring clean air and oil passing into the reservoir

  • threadedbreatherdimension-details

    Threaded Breather

    This is a unit for filtering air displacement from the reservoir. Displacement capacity is from 250 LPM to 700 LPM and filtration is upto 5 microns (Standard supply : 40 microns). The air displacement from underneath the cap assembly improves performance.

  • rlfenggdgm

    Return Line Filter

    The RLF series of low cost return line filters is intended for direct mounting on hydraulic reservoirs. The low profile coupled with high flow ratings, helps in mobile installations besides stationary applications like machine tools, plastic machinery, etc. It requires one inlet fitting and discharges directly into the reservoir

  • cartridge-for-rlfdimension

    Cartridge for Return Line Filter

    Models : CRLF 04 10,CRLF 04 25, CRLF 05 10, CRLF 05 25, CRLF 06 10, CRLF 06 25, CRLF 08 10, CRLF 08 25, CRLF 10 10, CRLF 10 25,CRLF 12 25

  • rlf-spinonenggdgm

    Return Line Filter – Spin On

    The filter is intended for direct mounting on hydraulic reservoirs in mobile installations and machine tool application and can be used with any minerals and petroleum based oils. It requires one inlet fittings and discharges directly into reservoirs

  • ssenggdgm

    Suction Strainer

    A complete range of Suction Strainers suitable for flows from 15 LPM (3gpm) to 450 LPM (100gpm). The standard filtration is upto 125 microns. The construction incorporates a stainless steel filtering media with a steel back-up perforated sheet held together with free flow epoxy bonding material.

  • Pressure Line Filterdimension

    Pressure Line Filter

    The highly compact Pressure Line Filter is ideal for applications in simpler hydraulic systems. It provides reliable protection to dirt sensitive components. Due to the use of a sintered bronze filter cartridge, it provides absolute filtration.

  • ilfdimension

    In Line Filter

    The HYDAX Inline Filter is designed for use with all types of mineral and petroleum-based hydraulic fluids and is available from flows of 60LPM to 130LPM. It can be connected anywhere in the return line of hydraulic systems.

  • liflif-1

    ILF 600

    The Hydax In-line Filter model ILF is an all-cast construction and is made from superior grade castings.These filters are rated for working pressures upto 20 kg/cm and the filtration is of 25 or 10 microns.The maximum flow capacity is 600 LPM with fluid viscosity of 80 SSU at 40° C. The port connections range from 1BSP to 3 BSP” round flange

  • Single Pilot Check Valveenggdgm

    Single Pilot Check Valve

    In a free flow direction through the inlet, the ball is unseated and the flow is out of the cylinder port. When the control valve is centered, the load is locked

  • Double Pilot Check Valvedimension

    Double Pilot Check Valve

    In a free flow direction through the inlet, the ball is unseated the flow is out of the cylinder port. When the control valve is centered, the load is locked.

  • ACGAengdgm


    This assembly is used for periodic checking and charging of accumulator pressure. A steel body construction is provided with charging valves and a pressure gauge. The assembly is suitable for pressures upto 210 bar. A two metres long high pressure hose pipe is provided with the assembly.

  • Water Filter Housingdin

    Water Filter Housing

    The housing is made of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) and the housings have an internal lining. The inlet and outlet ports are located at the bottom cover and have BSP threading. The design provides for easy disassembling in order to clean and change the cartridge. The housings are suitable to accommodate double open ended (DOE) and ‘O’ Ring cartridge configurations.

  • 3picsasian-pricions

    Electrochemical Deburring Machine

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